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Forage Paper Co.

Card Writing Service

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This item is perfect if you want to mail a personal, hand-written card when you don't have a card on hand or if you want to save transit time. It's also great if you're overseas and want to mail a card to someone in the U.S. 

Please read the following carefully:

1. Purchase 'Card Writing Service' with the number of cards you want to send your recipient. (i.e. If you need 2 cards mailed out, add 2 to your cart)

2. Email with the following details:

  • Let us know your card of choice for your recipient
  • Your recipient's name & mailing address (U.S. only)
  • Your message to your recipient (75 words max.)

    *If you are purchasing multiple cards, repeat the above details.


-Who writes the card? Christina does! We promise she has great penmanship that's easy to read. 

-When do you mail out my card? We send it out within 1-2 business days. If you want to schedule a specific date for your card to be sent out, we are happy to adjust the ship date. Just let us know!

-Will I receive shipping confirmation? Yes, you'll be notified when your card mails out, but there will be no tracking included. Rest assured that your recipient will receive their card(s) within 2-5 business days.

-Will there be a return address on the envelope? Yes, we use our PO Box address, but we are happy to modify this section to be your own address if you'd like. Just let us know! 

-How much is postage? The 'Card Writing Service' price includes the card, postage, and writing service. 

More questions? Send us an email!