Why You Should Write More

Now, we forego the cost of awkward silences and postage stamps, and instead we go on social media when we hang out with friends and the only letters we get are from billing and marketing agencies.

Of course, not all technology is bad. We’re not luddites. Texting is easy; emailing is fast; and posting a photo on social media saves us a thousand words in person. However, we believe that some things are better when they’re slower; it can be more intentional. Sure, picking out a card, writing in its covers, sealing an envelope and mailing it to your friend is longer process than instantly sending something electronically. Messages like meals can be better that way; I prefer a slow-cooked gourmet meal over the quickness and convenience of a fast food order any day.  

So, next time, when you’re thinking of your friend, don’t text them, don’t email them, and hell don’t even call them. Instead, schedule a time to meet in person and hold a conversation. And if that’s too much, pick out a nice card, write something thoughtful, and send it out the old fashioned way. Trust me, they’ll savor the thoughtfulness of your card like a foodie at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

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