Joyful Ways to Send Love this Galentine’s Day

Joyful Ways to Send Love this Galentine’s Day

Rotating Gift Box

Personally, having friends in different parts of the country, I’m a fan of this idea. Fill a box with locally-made gifts (one for each friend), add a Valentine’s Day card (one for each friend), and mail it off. The first friend takes out a gift and card, contributes her own gifts and cards, and ships everything to the next friend. The box rotates until it ends up back to you, filled with gifts and cards from friends! If your friends live nearby, you can also opt to drop off the gift box!

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If you’re able to meet in person, plan a small get-together with your sisters, friends, roommates, mom, etc. with your favorite take-out and a movie. Create a time to uplift each other by placing a notecard or Valentine’s Day card as their “name card.” Everyone can write what they admire most about each other on their cards and in the end, everyone will take home a group card!

Virtual Girl's Night

Start a standing Zoom gathering with your friends. My best friends and I started a first Thursday of the month Zoom call, and it’s the best. It’s such a fun low-key hangout where nobody has to feel “on,” and we all get to leave the call happy, replenished, and connected. 

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Galentine’s Day Philanthropy

Because why not? Instead of buying gifts for each other, rally around a cause, make a donation to a charity you all support in honor of your friendship.  

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Snail Mail with a Gift Card

Sending a good old Valentine’s Day card will never go out of style. While I normally love supporting local favorites, with friends trotting across the country, I’ll be sending gifts from good ole Starbucks. Nothing says “you’re mine” like a Frap on a hot day, or a latte after Sunday brunch. 


Let us know if you have any other ideas for spreading love this Galentine's Day! We hope this inspired you to reach out to your loved ones.

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