Wrap Up the Holidays!

Wrap Up the Holidays!

1. Natural Toppers

It doesn’t take much to create something beautiful. Just wrap your gift or letter in craft paper, trim some herbs and shrubs to adorn the front, and wrap it in twine. Next time you go out for a stroll, bring a pair of scissors and do a little foraging.

Source: Instagram

2. Repurpose Your Kid's Art

Have you wondered what to do with all the artwork your child makes? Transforming them into wrapping paper will make any gift extra special. Be open to the possibilities! Those doodles, coloring book pages, connect-the-dots, or even alphabet worksheets could make for some cute packaging. Bonus points if you have a ribbon to pull it together .

Source: Martha Stewart

3. Newspaper and Magazine Editorials

If you're like us, paper clutter is a thing. Declutter by gathering old newspapers, magazine editorials, posters, old calendars (you get the point) and make them into wrapping paper. Have fun with patterns and colors while you're at it. Add some twine for a nice touch.

Source: Pebble Magazine

4. Maps

With GPS and Google maps readily available nowadays, maps rarely see the light of day. If you have maps lying around, they make a great wrapping paper for the travel-lover.

Source: Home Beautiful

5. Personalized Stationery

As a small business, we deal with a lot of volume when it comes to shipping packages. We invested in personalized packaging tapes from Sticker Mule to up our packaging game. It's a simple way to leave our mark, promote our brand, and add some beauty to the otherwise drab cardboard boxes. Even if you aren't a business owner, you can design your own personal packaging.

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Bonus tips:
-Instead of letting your friends open up the smiley box from Amazon, you can ask their roommate or spouse to wrap it before they receive it.
-You can try out these gift wrapping ideas all year long. Save any re-usable papers in cardboard cylinders and tuck away ribbons or boxes for future use.

So which one of these ideas were your favorite? And do you think we should launch wrapping papers in the future? Tell us in the comments! 


*This post was written in collaboration with Sticker Mule. Opinions are ours. 

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