How to Stay Connected at a Distance

How to Stay Connected at a Distance

Like the great Audrey Hepburn once said, “the best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” Here at Forage Paper Co, we believe in making meaningful connections with our loved ones. From sending out a postcard or making a phone call, we must cherish the relationships we have. During these unprecedented times, it can be hard to know the next time you’ll see someone face-to-face, but this doesn’t mean you should wait until the global pandemic is over. 

Whether you and your loved ones are stuck inside or you’re separated during quarantine, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Incorporate something new into your weekly routine by following the ideas below! 

@TashaFranken  taking her 7 minute ab workout to IGTV

Get rid of your Monday blues by grabbing your gym partner and kicking off the week with an IG Live workout. There are an abundance of Instagram accounts that livestream workout routines or post to their IGTV. Whether you’re exercising together virtually or you’re in the same room, hold each other accountable to keep on releasing those endorphins.

IG Live workout | IGTV

Netflix party during quarantine

Your social distancing girl’s nights just got better! Thanks to Netflix party, you don’t have to forgo your movie nights. This Google Chrome extension synchronizes video playback and includes a group chat making it like you’re in the same room. Dive into your guilty pleasures or get a laugh out of a comedy special (who wants to laugh alone?)

"Chefs have been taking to Instagram to teach us tricks in the kitchen" quote

Have you and your S/O been wanting to perfect that pasta dish? Now’s the time to touch up on your cooking skills. Chefs have been taking to Instagram to teach us tricks in the kitchen. The Italian Michelin-starred chef, Massimo Bottura, is one of many to do so. Check out his IGTV for classic dishes such as parmigiano reggiano and pasta al pomodoro. You’ll be learning authentic Italian meals - right from your kitchen!

Christina Tosi making cookies on Instagram Live

@ChristinaTosi teaching her viewers how to make cinnamon bun cookies via IG Live

Now that dinner is covered, you’re going to want to curve that anticipated sweet tooth. Follow along to a recipe via IG Live or through an archived IGTV with Christina Tosi. The well-known pastry chef has also been taking her recipes to Instagram. From cinnamon bun cookies to donuts to homemade frosted flakes, she has over 100 days worth of mouth-watering desserts. 

Forage Paper Co stationery products

There’s nothing quite like writing a letter. Whether it’s to your grandparent or to your S/O, the keepsake is something more heartfelt than a text. The letter is a great addition to the weekly video chats to recap what you each have been doing throughout quarantine without the worry of any social media interruptions. Send your hassle-free card via Postable.

"Call up your friends and plan a night to become the next Picassos while sipping on your favorite wines" quote

While traditional paint and sips aren’t open due to social distancing guidelines, you can still let out your creative juices by hosting your own, virtually of course! Call up your friends and plan a night to become the next Picassos while sipping on your favorite wines. If you’re looking to follow along to instructions, there are paint and sip locations going virtual! Buy a package, grab your supplies, and stay connected with friends right in the comfort of your own home.

How have you stayed connected and made meaningful connections with your loved ones? Use #ForYouForage to show us!

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