Emergency Hygge Kit

Emergency Hygge Kit

Christina's Emergency Hygge Kit List

As someone who's fascinated by the benefits of mental and physical wellness, I jumped on Meik's tips of making an emergency hygge kit. With the weather cooling down and holidays around the corner, I thought this would be a great idea to share. Keep this kit for days you are low on energy or want an evening to yourself. Grab a box, basket, or any container and fill it with your own personal hygge essentials. 

1. Candle
Lighting a candle is like turning your emotional happiness on. Plus, studies show that lighting just one (organic) candle fills the air with microparticles more intensely than traffic in a busy street!

2. Your favorite book
This can be any read that brings you joy whether it's poetry, your favorite magazine, or any book that's been on your list.

3. A notebook and pen
A journal for reflection, gratitude, and experiences.

4. A cozy pair of socks 
Or your favorite sweater or blanket.

5. Selection of my favorite letters ever received
There is nothing better than handwritten notes by your loved ones near or far. Reading them helps you to remember and reconnect. 

6. A pack of thank you cards to write
Practicing gratitude makes you a happier person. Think of people you're grateful to have in your life and write to them.

7. Self Care Goods
For me, this is essential oils, face masks, lip balm, and some luxurious hand cream.

8. Snacks
A box of high-quality chocolates and tea packets will do the trick.

That's everything I included, but here are some other ideas you can add or modify your kit with from time to time: 
-Your favorite film
-A photo album
-Number of best friends, social support, to call and talk to

Would you try this? Here's a glimpse of what's in my hygge kit. I'd love to hear what's in your kit if you make one for yourself.


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