Children's books about letter writing and sending mail

10 Children's Books about Letter Writing and Sending Mail

My mom taught me everything I had to know about the importance of letter writing ever since I was a little girl. We frequented Hallmark, kept stashes of cards for special occasions, collected stamps, and took walks to the mailbox to drop off the mail. The most gratifying part of it all was hearing from relatives that they had received my mail. And it always felt like a special day when I received my own snail mail in the mailbox which I have still kept to this day.

Now that I have a 3 year old who's familiar with visiting the post office, I've been reading more children's books about letter writing and sending mail. So here are 10 great book recommendations that you need in your kid's library. Teach them communication, the structure of letters, how the mail system works, and finding their own writing style. 

1. Delivery Day by Matt Mitter
This story follows a sweet little engine as she covers for a postman on vacation. The book is filled with surprises like real letters and envelopes!

Delivery Day by Matt Mitter

2. Santa Post by Emma Yarlett
This is a story to help inspire your child to write a letter to Santa this Christmas. Interact with the book with the five Christmas surprises and see what Santa does when he receives a very late Santa Post on Christmas Eve.

Santa Post Emma Yarlett

3. Ten Thank You Letters by Daniel Kirk
Pig is writing a letter to his grandma when Rabbit comes to visit. Eager to get in on the action, Rabbit writes one of his own and more and Pig wishes Rabbit wouldn't be so noisy as he writes his letter. However, Rabbit’s last thank-you note to Pig reminds Pig how lucky he is to have Rabbit as a friend.

Ten Thank-You Letters Daniel Kirk

4. Dear Dinosaurs by Nicola O'Byrne
Max has questions about dinosaurs so he writes a letter to the museum’s T. Rex. Surprisingly, T. Rex writes back. Some of the letters are lift-the-flaps, making the reading experience fun.

Dear Dinosaurs by Nicola O'Byrne

5. The Jolly Postman by Allan Ahlberg
This book plays on the classic fairytales. A postman delivers letters from Goldilocks, the Three Bears, to the Wicked Witch. Take out the letters and discover what favorite characters would write to each other.

The Jolly Postman by Allan Ahlberg

6. Dear Teacher by Amy Husband
This book is a collection of humorous letters from a child to his teacher explaining why he cannot go to class. Each letter describes Michael's increasingly outlandish escapades.

Dear Teacher

7. Dear Juno by Soyung Pak
This book is very nostalgic to me as I grew up exchanging countless letters with my own grandmother in Korea. Juno's grandmother writes in Korean, and Juno writes in drawings. As they each share words and pictures, Juno's grandmother can tell Juno wants her to come for a visit, so she sends Juno a miniature plane to let him know she's on her way. 

Dear Juno

8. Postman Pig and His Busy Neighbors by Richard Scarry
I love Richard Scarry's books for learning new words. This story is filled with deliveries to the police station, the doctor's office, the library, and more. It's fun to see how those in their communities go about the day. Includes one sheet of stickers!

9. Seven Little Postman by Margaret Wise Brown
The author of Goodnight Moon tells the tale of a little boy's letter as a lively poem. What happens after he drops it into the mailbox? How does it get to his grandma's house? Learn about how the seven postmen got the mail through.

Seven Little Postmen

10. A Letter to Amy by Ezra Keats
An endearing story about Peter wanting to invite Amy to his birthday party so he starts writing an invitation. It can be a fun activity for children to also get creative ideas on how to make their own invitation to their birthday or other special events.

A Letter to Amy


Have you read any of these? We have even more recommendations on our Amazon storefront. Comment below to share your thoughts and let me know if you have any other recommendations!

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