Artist Fellowship with Getaway

Artist Fellowship with Getaway

We've been on a trip with Getaway before and enjoyed our short, but rejuvenating time away from the busyness of Manhattan. It was especially nice to be back for a full weekend as their Artist Fellow with nothing on our agendas but to unplug and gather inspiration for our collaboration. 

This was a magical hike, especially with all the fall foliage, waterfalls and scenic views. 

We cooked all of our meals over an open fire right outside our cabin. Not shown: cast iron skillet nachos, precooked pasta wrapped in tinfoil (a quicker way to heat up your meal without any pots and pans), eggs, hash browns, and many variations of s'mores. 

I designed these post cards with illustrations of what Getaway represents. Nowadays, where everything is quick and on-the-go, I'm grateful for companies like Getaway that encourages you to go off-the-grid and to truly unplug. And of course nothing beats receiving a thoughtful, handwritten note in the mail. 

Head over to Getway's Journal for my interview.
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