Adding Whimsy to Your Daily Routine Using Stickers

Adding Whimsy to Your Daily Routine Using Stickers

In a world full of digital calendars and reminders, there's something uniquely satisfying about incorporating tangible, decorative elements into your daily life. With our sticker sheet (and more series of stickers on the way!), we're excited to share the ways you can use sticker sheets on a day-to-day basis.
  1. Organize Your Planner with Style

Add a pop of color and personality to your daily planner or journal. Whether you're scheduling appointments, jotting down to-do lists, or tracking important dates, these stickers can help you categorize and prioritize your tasks. Use different stickers for different types of activities - a donut for a birthday celebration or a book for your reading list. It not only keeps you organized but makes your planner a visually appealing work of art.

  1. Add Pizzazz to Your Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has become a beloved method for staying organized and creative simultaneously. Use these stickers to create thematic monthly spreads, highlight important events, and make your journal as unique as you are.

  1. Personalize Your Greeting Cards and Gifts

The next time you're sending a greeting card or wrapping a gift, consider adding some stickers for an extra touch of thoughtfulness. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just a note to brighten someone's day, the stickers can enhance your messages and gifts. A cute animal sticker on a birthday card or a floral sticker on a 'get well soon' note can convey your feelings with charm.

  1. Spice Up Your Workspace/Accessories

Your workspace should be a place that inspires creativity and productivity. Personalize your workspace in a fun and lighthearted way. Stick them on your computer, notebooks, water bottle, or desk accessories to add a touch of personality to your surroundings. It's an easy way to make your workspace feel more inviting.

  1. Mood and Habit Tracking

If you're into tracking habits or moods, these stickers can be an excellent addition to your daily routine. Assign different stickers to various moods or habits you want to monitor and place them in your journal or on a dedicated mood or habit tracking chart. It's an engaging and visual way to observe your progress and trends over time.


Grab our sticker sheet here and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to hear about our next *big* sticker drop! Our sticker sheets are by Sticker Mule. We've been working with them for years on getting our stickers and custom packaging and absolutely love the quality and pricing– definitely check out their custom stickers if you're interested in creating your own.

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