4 ways to upgrade your work from home space

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Work From Home Space

According to a study from the University of Exeter, an employee’s productivity enhances by 32% when they get to determine the design and layout of their workspace. Between the social distancing guidelines and overall quarantine due to the global pandemic, working from home has become more apparent in the past few months. Whether you’re a student adjusting to online classes or you’re working full-time at your kitchen table, it’s important to devote a space to this new norm (at least for now). 

Take this time to your advantage and optimize your new work area by following some ideas below. 

Organize the chaos

"Time to channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter your space" quote

The more cluttered your desk, the more overwhelmed you’re going to feel. Time to channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter your space. It’s best to do so at the end of each work day so you can start fresh every morning. By adding a paper organizer, you can easily simplify your workspace. Next, add a visual barrier between your professional and personal life. Not only will a plant add some color, it will also create that barrier! Lastly, dedicate a specific spot just for work - don’t work in bed. You want your make-shift office to spark joy.


"Try incorporating some exercise into your routine" quote

Nothing like starting your day off on the right foot! A plus side to working from home is actually having time to make breakfast. You could enjoy some eggs with a side of fruit and your body will be nourished for the full day ahead. Grab your favorite mug and add some caffeine to your diet to give yourself that extra pick-me-up. Pro tip: the cuter the mug, the better the coffee. Our Happy Camper Enamel Mug happens to be our current fave, what’s yours?

Next, if you notice your back starting to hurt after hours at the desk, try a laptop stand to help your posture. Another option is to invest in a standing desk because sitting is the new smoking. Try incorporating some exercise into your routine. This could be walking around during phone calls or even just setting an alarm to stand up and stretch.

Lastly, you want to ensure your workspace enhances brain stimulation. Try adding plants nearby as well as opening a window, the fresh air will do wonders and you’ll get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sunshine.

Add some stationery

Favorite stationery products including pencils, notepads, notebooks, and stickers

Meetings and reminders and a last-minute grocery list - oh my! To prevent forgetting your 12 o’clock meeting or bananas from the grocery store, you’ll want to make sure you have a pencil and notepad at your disposal to jot down these memos. Need a notebook made just for your needs? Golden Coil’s notebooks allow you to customize them in any which way. Lastly, add some stickers for fun! Any desk is empty without these necessities.  

Change the Zoom call game 

"Give your eyes a break by resting them for 15 minutes after two hours of continuous computer use" quote

As we remain virtual for the foreseeable future and Zoom remains an everyday-word in our vocabulary, use it to your advantage and refresh your space. Sit your workspace in front of a window and show off some fun backgrounds during your next Zoom call. From Toy Story to The Office, your co-workers will get a good laugh out of these e-backgrounds.

After being on Zoom calls all day, you may find yourself getting headaches. This could be because of your screen time. Give your eyes a break by resting them for 15 minutes after two hours of continuous computer use or try blue light glasses to not only help lessen eye strain, but to improve your sleep at night. 

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